Trust & Probate Litigation

On occasion, a dispute can arise over the content of a Will or Trust. The parties involved can find themselves ill-prepared for unexpected, unwanted, and sometimes complex litigation.

At best, these disputes are costly disruptions. At worst, they can threaten financial and emotional well-being and tear apart family unity.

If you find yourself involved in a situation like this, you will want strong legal counsel in your corner. With over 50 combined years of trial experience, our attorneys will be fierce, just advocates for your interests.

We know the law and understand what your options are. We can tell you if you have a legitimate case and will explain all the possible outcomes of litigation before any trial proceedings begin.

If you can answer “yes” to any of the questions below, please contact us today to make sure your rights are being represented properly.

  • Are you involved in a law suit or being sued for something involving an estate, a Will, or the care of a family member?
  • Do you want to contest or have serious questions about the fairness of a Will?
  • Do you want to remove a trustee?
  • Has the executor of a Will acted inappropriately or withheld assets from one or multiple beneficiaries?

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