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Legal Resources in New Mexico

  • Pegasus Legal Services for Children is a non-profit agency that provides civil legal services to children, youth, and their caregivers. They can help you seek guardianship of a child who is in your care (kinship guardianship). Visit the website or call their office in Albuquerque at 1-505-244-1101.
  • The Legal Resources for the Elderly Program of the New Mexico State Bar Association provides negotiated-fee or free legal assistance to New Mexicans ages 55 and older. (Services are not available for criminal defense.) Visit the website or call toll free at 1-800-876-6657.
  • The New Mexico State Bar Association also publishes the Senior Legal Handbook in both English and Spanish, which informs seniors of their legal rights in a variety of situations and of resources available to enforce those rights. You can access these handbooks by visiting the New Mexico State Bar website.
  • The Senior Citizens Law Office provides free legal advice and representation to Bernalillo County seniors age 60 and over on healthcare, public benefits, advance directives, consumer rights and other issues such as estate planning, wills, transfer on death, POA’s, affidavits and simple probate’s. Visit the Senior Citizen Law Office website or call their office in Albuquerque at 1-505-265-2300.
  • New Mexico Legal Aid is a civil legal advocacy organization dedicated to opening the door to equal access to justice for all disenfranchised and low-income people and communities throughout New Mexico by providing outreach, training, education, and quality representation. Go to the New Mexico Legal Aid website or call Central Administration at 1-505-243-7871.
  • Law Access New Mexico is a non-profit organization that provides respectful, efficient, high quality legal advice, brief service and referrals to eligible low-income New Mexicans over the telephone and help remove barriers to the justice system. Visit the website or call toll free at 1-800-340-9771.
  • The New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council’s Office of Guardianship provides a statewide publicly-funded guardianship services program for “guardians of last resort” to incapacitated income- and resource-eligible adults. They also provide Mental Health Treatment Guardians for appointment by the courts. They can petition for appointment of a guardian and pay for a “corporate guardian” for people who are eligible. Their website includes forms you can use for powers of attorney and advance health-care directives. Go to the website or call toll free 1-800-779-6183.
  • The New Mexico Long-Term Care Ombudsman advocates for the recognition, respect and enforcement of the civil and human rights of residents of long-term care facilities in New Mexico. Call 1-505-476-4790 for more information on services such as health care, transportation, assisted and independent living centers, legal assistance and home delivered meals can be accessed by linking to the Network of Care or call toll free in New Mexico at 1-800-432-2080.
  • Disability Rights New Mexico promotes and protects the legal rights of persons with disabilities by providing services such as information and referral, client advocacy, group advocacy, and training on legal rights issues. Visit the website for a full description of their organization and services or by calling 1-800-432-4682.
  • DNA People’s Legal Services provides free legal aid, advice and court representation to low-income persons living on or near the reservation they serve. To find out more about DNA’s service area and how to apply for legal help, go to the website.

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