Elder Law

Elder law involves planning for retirement, the possibility of disability, incapacity, home health care and/or placement in a nursing home. Elder law attorneys advise clients on how to obtain public benefits, including Medicaid. They prepare sophisticated durable powers of attorney documents to provide authority for the client’s designee to act on their behalf in legal and financial planning matters while also assisting in the preparation of health care directives.

Seniors often need protection against creditors, estate tax avoidance, probate avoidance, as well as help planning for long term care needs. In today’s world, the rising cost of long term care for seniors and aging baby boomers is a legitimate health care crisis that requires a determined advocate fighting for your rights.

Our attorneys are ready to help. Please contact us today if any of the following applies to you:

  • You or your loved one is over 55 and interested in estate planning.
  • You or your loved one is disabled, incapacitated, or diagnosed with a disability and needs assistance with long term heath care planning, Medicaid planning and/or special needs trust planning.
  • You or your loved one is a beneficiary or a fiduciary and has questions regarding the legality or disbursement of your claim.
  • You want to know your options for public benefits.

What does Medicaid planning involve?

Medicaid planning involves developing a strategy to protect your assets should you require long-term nursing home care. There is no reason to lose the assets you or your loved ones have accumulated, if you plan effectively. We will help you maintain what you spent your life earning.

Durable Powers of Attorney

Do you want to choose who acts on your behalf in the event of a disabling personal event?

Durable powers of attorney allow you to choose an agent to act on your behalf in the case of future incapacity or temporary absence. A durable power of attorney authorizes another person (your agent) to make financial decisions on your behalf. These can include transacting business, transferring real estate, or simply paying bills.

Durable powers of attorney are extremely useful estate planning tools, but must be used wisely. Your agent should always be chosen with care and consideration.

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