Benefits of Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities

Boy with Cerebral Palsy smiling with his mother who is sitting next to him with her arm around him. She is looking at him and smiling.

What is Assistive Technology? In a very broad sense, most of us have used some kind of assistive technology (AT) during our lives. Consider eyeglasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids. Wheelchairs and grab bars, a must for many individuals with physical disabilities, are also considered assistive technology. These items are critical to meeting career, academic, recreational, and self-care needs. When … Read More

What You Need to Know About Being an Adult with Disabilities

Woman sitting on a couch holding a laptop toward the man in a wheelchair next to her, they are both looking at the screen and smiling.

 A comprehensive guide for Adults with disabilities spearheaded by PBWS Partner Margaret ‘Peggy’ Graham for the Special Needs Alliance (SNA). Navigating the complexities of adulthood can be challenging, especially for individuals with disabilities and their families. The newest SNA guide “What You Need to Know About Being an Adult with Disabilities: A Handbook for Self-Advocates, Parents, Guardians, and Their Loved … Read More