When an individual passes, they leave behind many things, but the two most important are their legacy and loved ones. At PBWS Law, we have dedicated ourselves to protecting both; offering probate law services in New Mexico to ensure a smooth, successful transition of an individual’s estate. The probate process can often be a confusing and challenging path to navigate. Our attorneys are here to help.

Estate: Explained

An estate is comprised of an individual’s belongings, both physical and intangible. It includes economic assets, such as investments and finances, as well as personal property, like real estate, collectibles, and beyond. When an individual has passed, their estate is transferred to their named beneficiaries, who are identified in an estate plan or heirs of law. If the individual did not complete an estate plan or has a will, probate is usually required before ownership of the estate can be transferred.

Probate for Peace of Mind

The legalities of death should be the least of your worries. Our Albuquerque and Santa Fe probate lawyers take on the process so that you can focus on what truly matters: mourning your loved one and preserving their legacy. We believe peace of mind is something everyone deserves, and we are proud to offer exactly that through our probate law services. With a combined 170 years of legal expertise, the probate attorneys of PBWS Law facilitate rightful transfer of ownership of an estate.

Probate administration includes:

Assessing Inventory & Determining Value
Our probate lawyers will provide guidance in inventorying the estate of a decedent, taking into account the valuation of assets and determining the overall value.

Evaluating Finances
Aside from the physical assets, our probate attorneys will also perform a thorough evaluation of the decedent’s finances including debt, valid creditors, and tax payments due.

Distributing Property
Once both the physical and intangible are assessed, our attorneys will ensure the ownership of assets are correctly distributed according to law or the decedent’s will. Any fees associated with the probate process are considered expenses of the estate, and therefore will be paid for by assets of the estate.

Additionally, if there are any concerns regarding the legality of an existing estate, the litigation expertise of our Albuquerque and Santa Fe probate lawyers can help you resolve disputes effectively and efficiently.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe's Trusted Probate Attorneys

We are dedicated to preserving legacies and your family’s unity. Whether you are in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, turn to the probate lawyers New Mexicans trust: PBWS Law. Call (505) 872-0505 today and discover how our probate and probate litigation services can help give you peace of mind.