Have a legal matter where you need attorney representation or assistance? At Pregenzer, Baysinger, Wideman & Sale, PC (“PBWS”), we encourage you to send an email to info@pbwslaw.com or call our office to speak with our intake specialist. Our intake process is the way for our firm to determine whether our attorneys can assist you in resolving your matter or concern.

Initial Intake Process

  1. Call 505-872-0505 and ask to speak with our Intake Specialist or email info@pbwslaw.com and our intake specialist will contact you.
  2. During the intake process, our intake specialist will ask you questions about your matter and why you would like to meet with an attorney.
  3. You will be asked to provide the names of the parties involved in your matter in order to identify any conflict issues.
  4. After we confirm there are no conflicts, our intake specialist will schedule you with an attorney best suited to handle your matter. If you were referred to a specific attorney, please let us know and we will work to schedule with your preferred attorney, if possible.

Initial Appointment

The purpose of our initial intake process is to assess your matter and determine if we can assist you. The intake process allows the initial meeting to be more efficient. Pregenzer, Baysinger, Wideman & Sale, PC does not offer free consultations. During your initial meeting, the attorney will provide legal advice and help you understand your options and how to best proceed. Initial meetings can last anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on the complexity of the situation. Initial meetings are based on the attorney’s hourly rate plus New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax.

What is a Retainer?

If you decide to move forward and have the attorney continue to represent you, they will include the cost of the initial appointment into a retainer for your matter.

A retainer is a sum of money provided in advance for services to be billed against as your matter proceeds. The retainer is based on an initial estimate of the amount of work to be done on your case. However, the retainer may not cover all the work to be done on your case, and you will be responsible for replenishing your retainer. If you still have money from your retainer left once your matter is completed, you will receive a refund of the remaining funds.