Preparing for Cognitive Decline – Powers of Attorney and Moving to a Protected Paradise

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Dementia is a frightening disease, the last thing you want to feel is scared, isolated, and restricted. Ever wonder if there is a better, more creative way to provide care for a loved one diagnosed with dementia? It seems that the tiny village of Hogewey, located outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has figured out a way to provide a protected paradise for its aging population, instead of locking them away in care homes.

Hogeway has 152 residents, living in groups of 6 in a free but protected environment that is closed off to the outside world. Residents can roam freely, sit in the sun (or rain), wear jackets in the summer or their slippers outside, and shop at the grocery store and still be able to check out if they forget their wallet.

The Village of Hogeway is receiving exemplary praise and attracting attention across Europe, with Switzerland looking to build a similar village in the coming years.

Discussing end of life wishes with family is critical to helping them know where and how you want to live out your last days. Hogeway seems like just the place to be. Check it out HERE and see if you want to join me there in about thirty years.

Dementia is an ever-growing disease which primarily affects the elderly. The disease cruelly declines the memory and/or thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person’s ability to care for himself/herself and their finances on a daily basis. May is National Elder Law Month and as we recognize this central segment of our society, it is important to understand and meet the needs of this aging population.

In order to prepare for a cognitive decline, it is imperative to have powers of attorney in place to ensure someone you trust can make the decisions for you when you cannot make decisions for yourself.

Powers of attorney give written authorization by you to another to act as an agent on your behalf for healthcare and/or financial affairs when you are unable to make decisions on your own.

To meet with an elder law attorney to discuss powers of attorney, contact Pregenzer, Baysinger, Wideman & Sale, PC by calling (505)872-0505 or emailing our office HERE.

Niederlande, Weesp. Hogeway: Heim für Demenzkranke des Betreibers Vivum.