Getting Engaged? In Sickness and in Health… Here Comes the Will

Thinking of getting engaged this Valentine’s Day? You are not alone! Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to pop the question. Love often makes us see the world through rose-colored glasses with romantic notions and dreaming of riding off into the sunset into your “happily ever after.” While all these things are to be celebrated, there are … Read More

DIY Divorce

As a family law attorney, one of the most common questions I get asked from my friends and family is, “Do you have to have an attorney for a divorce or custody case?”  And the answer is: it depends! Part of answering this question is to help people understand that lawyers can assist you in a number of different ways. … Read More

Understanding child custody rights when going through a divorce

sad boy crying custody issues

Often the most stressful aspects of divorce for people who have children is custody and visitation.  Here are some general principles to keep in mind if you find yourself in this type of situation. New Mexico law presumes it is in the best interest of a child to have a strong relationship with both parents, if possible. For that reason, … Read More

Does Common Law Marriage Exist in New Mexico?

The short answer is no, with one exception. Common Law Marriage is defined as a couple living together for a period of time and holding themselves out to friends and family as “being married,” but not having actually obtained a marriage license in their state. Common law marriage is not recognized in the State of New Mexico as valid and … Read More

5 Things to Know Before Your Initial Appointment with a Divorce Attorney

You or your spouse may have decided to initiate divorce and now you are getting ready to meet with your divorce attorney. It can be a daunting process and it certainly can be stressful. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when meeting with your divorce attorney for the first time. Has a case already been filed? If … Read More

Engagement Ring: Who Gets To Keep It?

People often wonder if they have to return the diamond ring if the engagement is called off. The answer in New Mexico, as in most other states, is a resounding “it depends”. However, it is usually a pretty clear choice. An engagement ring is a conditional gift. This means if the condition, in this case, the wedding, occurs, the condition … Read More

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Divorce

The Ugly There are many unflattering descriptions of the divorce process: “Knock down/drag out”, “scorched earth”, fight to the death”, “battle” and so on. Sadly, many divorces live up to these pejorative terms. Former partners fight for months or years. Unlike most lawsuits which occur between strangers, divorces or custody battles involve intimate partners who were once in love and living … Read More