Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Pregenzer, Baysinger, Wideman & Sale, PC (“PBWS”) work with various clients across New Mexico in diverse real estate matters. Our attorneys have experience advocating for and protecting client’s rights and interests by helping assess risks and avoid costly disputes when it comes to sales contracts, easements, boundary issues, and lease agreements. The firm represents property owners, lenders, borrowers, contractors, and consultants. We understand the sensitive nature of real estate transactions and provide quality service by focusing on our client’s unique needs and requirements.

Residential, agricultural, and commercial leases

Our firm understands the significance of entering into a lease agreement and the legal implications to all parties. We assist clients in everything from evaluating, drafting, and negotiating real estate leases, subleases, and lease amendments.

Residential, agricultural, and commercial sales and purchases

It is critical to protect your interests before entering into an agreement to purchase or sell real property. At PBWS, we help our clients evaluate all aspects of a real estate transaction with the objective of avoiding costly mistakes and legal disputes.

Boundary disputes

Boundary disputes among adjoining landowners are quite common. We assist our clients with the avoidance, negotiation, and settlement of boundary disputes. Our firm has experience working with landowners, surveyors, and title insurance companies to help our clients resolve boundary disputes.

Easement issues

Easements are extremely common and can have a significant effect on the value and use of real estate. Understanding the legal implications and negotiating easements are extremely important. We focus on helping clients with the interpretation of existing easements, and with the drafting and negotiation of easement agreements.

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